Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland Coláiste Ríoga na Máinleá in Éirinn

Evaluation and institutional research

The QEO collect quality-related institutional data on behalf of the Quality Committee via the Evaluation Working Group (EWG). The EWG is responsible for facilitating internal and external requests for institutional data and its subsequent analyses and dissemination.

In 2009, the Evaluation Working Group introduced a centralised & standardised student feedback process to capture data on all areas of the undergraduate medical program. The following year the same process was extended to the undergraduate Pharmacy and Physiotherapy programs. Students are currently invited to participate in feedback surveys at the end of each semester after they have completed their exams. These results are collated and analysed by the QEO and take the form of quantitative responses to standardised questions and ‘free-text' comments. The quantitative data are fed back to staff and students as soon as possible after the data has been collected. The free-text comments are then used by staff (in conjunction with the quantitative data) to identify areas that need attention. Each Cycle Director produces a list of such issues and relevant actions in the form of a Quality Improvement Plan which is fed back to the students. These issues and actions are monitored by the QEO and overseen by the Quality Committee.

In addition to the student feedback surveys, the EWG also facilitates the collection of Institutional data where required. Recent examples include the staff survey and focus groups that were used to generate information for the RCSI Self-Assessment Report during the Degree Awarding Status process and the stakeholder surveys that units undergoing internal reviews use to gather feedback. 

The College routinely collects data which includes student feedback and examination results for internal quality assurances purposes. These data are used to inform the continuing development and improvement of the student experience. This aggregated and anonymised data can occasionally reveal information that is of value to the research community, particularly with regard to the education of healthcare professionals. The College may also participate in or facilitate research that requires data collection via surveys and / or focus groups. Relevant student groups may be invited to participate in such research on the understanding that participation is voluntary and the data will always be anonymised.