Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland Coláiste Ríoga na Máinleá in Éirinn


Alexandra, graduate, MSc Physician Associate Studies at RCSI


Originally from Dublin, I had an opportunity to complete my BSc in Athletic Training and Therapy (sports medicine) in the US. While studying there, I first learned about the PA profession ...

I was truly ecstatic when I heard RCSI was pioneering this new programme because now I could pursue my preferred career path.

People often ask why I wanted to do this course and I think the answer is quite personal. I like that PAs can work in several different specialities. My training is quite general and not as specific as say, an NP or physician. I consider myself a lifetime learner and really love growing and trying a variety of things. Being a PA is perfect for me since I am interested in so many areas of medicine. Lastly, I love working as part of a team and believe that, as a PA, I can help support the other healthcare professionals and deliver a continuity of care to the patient.



Maria, graduate, MSc Physician Associate Studies at RCSI


Having completed my undergraduate degree in Health and Sport Science I was unsure what to do next ...

I decided to gain some experience working in a hospital in order to open my eyes to the various professions. I worked as a healthcare assistant for 12 months, giving me close patient exposure. I loved working with patients and being part of a team, and I knew this was where I wanted to work.

The PA programme allowed me to further my knowledge and enhance my understanding of the human body. I will be able to help in the diagnosis, treatment and management of patients. Having particular interest in orthopaedics and endocrinology, the PA profession allows me to change specialities throughout my career.