Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland Coláiste Ríoga na Máinleá in Éirinn

Staff responsibilities

Professor Janusz Jankowski - Director (Corporate) Chief Research & Innovation Officer and Deputy Vice Chancellor
  • Providing vision, leadership and inspiration to continually develop and drive RCSI Research, Innovation and Enterprise.
  • Assisting, advising and supporting the Chief Executive/Registrar in the achievement of his responsibilities and fulfilling his corporate governance obligations as appropriate to Research
  • Driving and leading institutional and research strategies and initiatives through active membership of RCSI’s Senior Management Team (SMT).
  • Ensuring adequate governance and management structures are in place to enable the successful delivery of RCSI’s Research Strategy.
  • Evolving the Institute of Research, ensuring the right balance of basic, translational and applied activity with due regard to the University’s mission.
  • Oversight of Research Quality, Funding, and Impact.
  • Leading, monitoring and benchmarking of the University’s research performance.
  • Deliver Research Support Services and Infrastructures to ensure that they support the implementation of the Research Strategy and the needs of researchers.
  • Supporting Commercialisation of the University's Research.
  • Facilitating and promoting an environment that encourages Research Leadership and an Entrepreneurial Culture.
  • Oversight of research ethics and integrity.
  • Driving and promoting open science, research dissemination and outreach.
  • Evolving PhD studentships models/opportunities and the Quality Postgraduate Environment.
  • Ensure that Early Career Researchers are provided with training and career development opportunities.
  • Collaborate with the Director of Development to actively support RCSI Philanthropy and Charitable Fund Raising.
  • Supporting Strategies for the recruitment of world-class researchers.
  • Engaging with RCSI Hospitals, Irish Universities, the Health Sector and national funding agencies to enable clinical research in Ireland.
  • Fulfill the Sponsor role for clinical trials on behalf of the University and ensure that clinical trials are adequately managed, supported and governed.
  • Encouraging Public and Patient Engagement with Research.
  • Promoting Relationships with Government and helping shape national policies including as a Board Director for Clinical Research Development Ireland.
  • Working with the Dean to promote a culture of research-led education and research-based learning across every part of the University.
  • Leading national and international research alliances with other universities, research infrastructure providers, the private sector and funding agencies.

Professor Fergal O'Brien - Deputy Director of Research and Innovation  

  • Deputising for the Director
  • Assisting with planning and implementation of the Research Strategy and the running of RCSI's Institute of Research, including Research Support Services and Infrastructures
  • Promoting Inter-institutional Collaborations and Research Programmes

Dr Paola Della Porta - Associate Director of Research 


  • Planning, management and review of research support services, operations and infrastructure
  • Planning and management of the implementation of research policies and procedures
  • Liaison with funding agencies
  • Negotiating and signing off on research contracts, collaboration agreements, research proposals and grant agreements
  • Provision of guidance and coordination in the planning and reviews of institutional research strategy and collaborative research programmes

Dr Aoife Gallagher - Head of Innovation

  • Planning and implementation of the College strategy for technology transfer, commercialisation and industry engagement
  • Development of policy, procedures and guidelines relating to intellectual property and commercialisation
  • Protection and management of the RCSI Intellectual Property portfolio
  • Support for the development of RCSI technologies with commercial potential to a commercially ready state
  • Negotiation of agreements for the commercialisation of IP
  • Provision of advice and support on all aspects of commercialisation and intellectual property 
  • Setting of targets, coordinating and reporting of outputs to external agencies
  • Preparation of grant applications, financial and technical reports to Knowledge Transfer Ireland
  • Institutional signatory on Industry agreements, commercialisation agreements, NDAs and MTAs

Dr Seamus Browne - Head of Industry Partnerships 
  • Planning, development and implementation of RCSI's Industry Engagement Strategy
  • Promotion of RCSI's research capability and expertise to Industry with a view to generating funded collaborative, contract and consultancy engagements
  • Liaising with national agencies who fund academic-industry collaborations 
  • Promotion of industry funded (or co-funded) opportunities to RCSI Researchers
  • Provision of advice and support for researchers seeking to engage with Industry on contract collaborative, contract and consultancy engagements
  • Review of project plans supported by industry and approval of industry-related grant application and registration 
  • Negotiation of agreements with industry for contract, collaborative and consultancy engagements
  • Co-ordination of post-award project management assistances to PIs on Industry projects to ensure rapid project activation, timely invoicing for company contribution and mid-project relationship management

Dr Derek John - Case Manager
  • Commercialisation of RCSI Research assets; technology, infrastructure and expertise
  • Identification and protection of Intellectual property, patent prosecution, and exploitation through marketing and industry engagement

Dr Niamh O'Dowd - Senior Research Officer 
  • Co-leading (with Fiona Manning) the action plan for the delivery of institutional support to researchers in the preparation of grant applications, including training initiatives
  • Delivery of project management and administrative support in the preparation of large grant applications
  • Provision of support, advice and training to researchers on international research funding programmes
  • Co-Coordinating with HR the implementation of the HR Strategy for Researchers (HRS4R) Action Plan 
  • Representing the ORI at the Research Reputation Enhancement Group
  • Coordination of the integration of support to national and international grant applications
  • Approval of grant application and registration forms for international funding schemes;
  • Co-leading (with Clare Muckian) roll-out of RESEARCHconnect web-based tool for identifying funding opportunities.  

    Dr Fiona Manning - Senior Research Officer 
    • Co-leading (with Niamh O'Dowd) the action plan for the delivery of institutional support to researchers in the preparation of grant applications, including training initiatives 
    • Management and delivery of project management and administrative support in the preparation of grant applications in particular for national funding programmes (e.g. SFI, HRB) and clinical research
    • Provision of support and advice to researchers on the scientific aspects of grant applications in the area of technology transfer and commercialisation (e.g. EI schemes)
    • Promotion of the interactions between clinicians and scientists and the engagement of RCSI clinicians and affiliated hospitals in research
    • Develop and implement a strategy for public patient involvement in research
    • Approval of grant application and registration forms for national funding schemes

    Ms Stephanie O'Connor - Research Officer 
    • Tailored Pre-award and Post-award proposal support and advice to researchers on the preparation of European and national funding grant applications in the area of ethics, dissemination and outreach and project implementation
    • Coordination of dedicated research support to clinicians
    • Support in the development and implementation of a strategy for public patient involvement in research
    • Coordination and admin support of the RCSI Annual Summer Research Studentship Programme and Research Summer School

    Ms Clare Muckian - Research Officer 
    • Provision of Pre-award support and advice to researchers on the preparation of grant applications in the area of budgets, letters of support, submission requirements, electronic submission systems, and grant writing workshops
    • Coordination of the planning, communication and review of new ORI activities, policies and procedures
    • Coordination of post-award admin support, including coordination of the submission research reports to funders 
    • Support and management of the dissemination of ORI activities, policies and procedures through the Staff Induction Programme, the Staff Portal and the Researcher Handbook
    • Support to research staff on the use of the Research Management e-System
    • Co-leading (with Niamh O'Dowd) roll-out of RESEARCHconnect web-based tool for identifying funding opportunities

    Mrs Cathy O'Byrne - Assistant Research Officer 
    • ORI administration and support 
    • Support and communication for research recruitment
    • Marketing and communications support for ORI including events and websites
    • Provision of support in the planning, implementation and review of the HR strategy for researchers
    • Provision of support in the organization and running of the annual Research Day

    Ms Michelle Kelly - Contracts Officer 
    • Drafting, negotiation and management of RCSI research agreements (including non-disclosure agreements, materials transfer agreements, consultancy, infrastructure access, services agreements and collaborative research agreements)
    • Management of agreement related correspondence and communications with RCSI academics, industry and other universities
    • Management of agreement tracking, monitoring and data entry into ORIs IP and Contracts management systems

    Dr Christopher Byrne - Research Institute Support and Development Manager 
    • Management and administration of Institute of Research initiatives, such as institutional seed funding calls, funding support for research infrastructures, infrastructural plans
    • Promotion of access to and quality of central research infrastructures and core facilities
    • Coordination of institutional research reviews, quality reviews, site visits and reports
    • Development and implementation of an institutional research dissemination strategy and coordination of institutional research events
    • Management of the Institute of Research budget and shared research space
    • Monitoring of the up-keeping of institutional equipment inventory

    Dr Niamh Clarke - Research Ethics Committee (REC) Convenor 
    • Convenor for the Research Ethics Committee, support and management of research ethics proposals