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Diagnostics: Technologies for license

dose calculator

Objective medication adherence calculator – a tool to aid patient adherence and optimise drug dosage. A novel data-driven method for adherence and dosage calculations

Assessing adherence to medication is an essential element in the ongoing treatment of patients with chronic disease as well as in the development and trialling of new drugs. Technology summary (377KB)

Diagnosis and treatment of MODY

Maturity-Onset of Diabetes of the Young (MODY)

Recognising the current practice for MODY diagnosis is sub-optimum as it often fails to separate MODY patients from early-onset Type 2 diabetic patients, a team of clinicians and research scientists at RCSI have developed and patented a highly-sensitive blood test that can identify the majority of MODY patients, namely HNF1a-MODY patients. Technology summary (214KB)