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Graduate Entry Pharmacy at RCSI

Thinking of refocusing your career on Pharmacy?


Then you're going to need the right skills and all the right information.

Professor Paul Gallagher, Head of the RCSI School of Pharmacy, explains the benefits of pharmacy as a career for graduate entrants in the information video which can be viewed below. 

In this information session he also took questions from prospective graduate entry students on the many aspects of pursuing a career in pharmacy and on the course curriculum of RCSI's new MPharm programme. 


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Why Graduate Entry Pharmacy at RCSI?

A qualification in pharmacy enables a rich and rewarding career that can be pursued in a variety of distinct settings, both nationally and internationally. RCSI are pioneers in pharmacy education, offering the most progressive and modern programme in a reputable and globally respected institution whose sole mission is to educate, nurture and discover for the benefit of human health.

RCSI Pharmacy graduates are confident and capable of meeting the medication related needs of both patients and populations. They are prepared to fulfil their professional responsibilities via clinical practice or to enter into doctoral studies for advanced practice or in the field of pharmaceutical sciences. Central features of the MPharm programme include:

  • Small, culturally diverse classes: MPharm classes will contain approximately 70 students per year of which 30% will be international students. This diversity offers a unique global perspective and is reflective of the patient populations graduates will ultimately seek to serve.
  • Integrated taught and experiential curriculum: The MPharm degree is delivered over five years, with two semesters per year. Each semester is divided into modules, and the curriculum is delivered using an integrated systems-based teaching approach. The teaching is, supported by student placements in the hospital, community or industrial pharmacy settings. This fully integrated teaching approach enables students to apply the knowledge gained in the classroom and while on professional practice placements to ensure that the student is fully prepared to deliver optimal patient care after graduation.
  • Focus on learning outcomes: Upon entry to the programme students are first introduced to core scientific and professional principles. As their educational journey through the MPharm programme progresses, the student’s curriculum focuses on successive learning outcomes to produce a competent, reflective and patient focused pharmacist, ready for pharmacy practice in all professional domains.
  • Focus on professional development: RCSI’s MPharm programme will produce graduates who are committed to lifelong learning which is a requirement for the effective and safe provision of pharmacist delivered patient care.
  • Bed-side teaching: The Clinical Pharmacy Faculty within the RCSI Hospital’s Group and at clinical partner sites provides structured bed-side teaching to support and drive attainment of learning outcomes.
  • International electives: Students have the opportunity to travel to the University of Lorraine (France) through the Erasmus programme or to apply to participate in a range of international electives including the USA and China.
  • Practice makes perfect: The programme includes experiential learning opportunities, for example, internships which allow students to practice professional skills under the guidance of an experienced pharmacy practitioner, within the community, the hospital or the industrial pharmacy settings.
  • Career focus: Upon successful completion of the MPharm programme, graduates can register with the Pharmaceutical Society of Ireland and enter professional pharmacy practice as very well equipped pharmacists, ready to respond effectively to the opportunities and challenges modern healthcare delivery brings.

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