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Research activities

Research in Health Professions Education aims to expand the knowledge and application of teaching and learning practices. Its scope of inquiry in RCSI ranges from the processes of interprofessional communication and doctor-patient communication, simulation in all its forms, developing a shared institutional definition of professionalism, to evaluating educational impacts on programme developments.

Led by Prof. Teresa Pawlikowska, HPEC supports a number of key initiatives in RCSI schools and across RCSI hospital sites.  Included in these initiatives are research activities in Health Professions Education under the following themes:

  • Integrated consultation skills
  • Professionalism
  • Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL)
  • Teaching & Learning
  • Multi-professional and International contexts
  • Best Evidence in Medical Education (BEME) Reviews


If you wish to engage in additional research and development in any of the above RCSI health professions education research themes please contact Prof. Pawlikowska ( at HPEC.  Additionally, if you need advice or wish to access support to develop your research in the area of health professions education at the RCSI, please do get in touch.  Both Prof. Pawlikowska and Marie T. O'Shea (HPEC Research Officer - can advise on analytical and methodological gaps and provide assistance on other research queries. 

Where to publish your HPE related research

Finding the right journal for your paper can be key to reaching your target audience. This HPE Related Journal Impact Factors document outlines a comprehensive sample of journals, and their most recent impact factors. This may help you to choose the most appropriate journal for your HPE related paper. Prior to submitting your paper, ensure to check information about the journal’s scope, editorial board, international outlook and audience, and time taken from submission of a manuscript to acceptance for publication.  Please remember to submit your paper to only one journal at a time. 


Research Ethics

If you are planning to undertake research you must ensure that this research is ethically acceptable.  Research conducted within the RCSI group or by RCSI staff or students may require the individual researcher, and/or teams of researchers, to obtain ethical approval or an exemption from full ethical review.  To learn whether you need ethical approval please visit:


Research Ethics Committee calendar year 2017

Application submission deadline 2017  Scheduled meetings 2017 
 Friday, 27 January  Thursday, 23 February
 Friday, 31 March  Thursday, 27 April
 Friday, 26 May  Thursday, 15 June
 Friday, 25 August  Thursday, 28 September
 Friday, 27 October     Thursday, 30 November
 Friday, 24 November     Thursday, 14 December










RCSI Library Support for Researchers

RCSI Library provides a variety of support for researchers.  This includes advice on how best to gather bibliometric data and citation analysis, increase your research visibility and choosing the most appropriate journal to publish in for your research area.  Library staff can also assist you in literature seaching strategies for Systematic Reviews. Beginner training courses for EndNote reference management package are periodically run by library staff to support researchers new to this software.  To find out more about the range of research supports offered at the RCSI Library please click here:


Useful Calculation Tools:


We recommend this online sample size calculator tool if you wish to make simple random size calculations for your research study.