Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland Coláiste Ríoga na Máinleá in Éirinn

RCSI recognises diversity and cultural competence in healthcare through International Citizenship Award

12 April 2017
RCSI (Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland)  today hosted the 2nd Annual RCSI International Citizenship Awards recognising the importance of cultural and social skills for healthcare graduates in an increasingly globalised society and healthcare environment. This award programme encourages students to develop the attributes required to show healthcare leadership in the mixed cultural and social settings that will be the norm in their future careers.  

This structured self-directed programme empowers students to avail of the rich multi-cultural opportunities available in RCSI for self-development through extracurricular activities, interacting with others from diverse backgrounds, and formally reflecting on their personal development through these activities, supported by staff mentors. The aim is to use these experiences in a structured way to support self-reflection and personal development as an ‘international citizen’. 

Speaking in advance of the ceremony Professor Hannah McGee, Dean of the Faculty of Medicine & Health Sciences said: “In an increasingly globalised world, we see international third level education as an important vehicle to foster increased understanding, respect and engagement across countries and cultures. 

The students who participate in this programme demonstrate the skills and knowledge necessary to work more effectively in the diverse world of health and healthcare and displays an understanding of the complexity of the public, patient and professional perspectives involved in an increasingly globalised environment.” concluded Professor McGee. 

Minister David Stanton TD, Minister for Equality, Immigration and Integration, speaking at the event said “I congratulate the students who have taken part in this very important programme. As future healthcare professionals they have the skills, values and attitudes that they will need to work effectively in a culturally diverse healthcare environment both in Ireland and around the world.” 

RCSI’s International Citizenship programme will award students who show an ‘international outlook’ through demonstration of personal development and learning from their interactions with others from diverse backgrounds during extra-curricular activities. Students participating in the International Citizenship Programme complete a portfolio of extra-curricular activities and submit written reflection on the skills, values and attitudes that they have demonstrated through these activities under various categories such as:
  • Education: Leadership & Peer Engagement
  • RCSI life: Social engagement & Leadership
  • Local community: Social Engagement and Leadership
  • Overseas Challenge
  • Research/other 

RCSI is ranked in the top 250 institutions worldwide in the Times Higher Education World University Rankings (2016-2017). It is an international not-for-profit health sciences institution, with its headquarters in Dublin, focused on education and research to drive improvements in human health worldwide.