Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland Coláiste Ríoga na Máinleá in Éirinn

2018 Indoor Cricket Intervarsity

07 February 2018

Coming into the 2018 intervarsities, RCSI had only won 1 out of 10 matches in their last two appearances at the annual tournament. The team knew they had more to offer, and through 12 months of hardwork, were able to show the class which they truly possess this year for all of Ireland to see.

This year's intervarsity tournament proved to be a welcoming hiatus for the RCSI cricket team; not only did the team impeccably win the first 4 matches, but it also beat DIT and UCC, which hold the unique distinction of being intervarsity semi-finalists in previous years. In particular, however, it was RCSI's match against UCC that, against all odds, led RCSI to unparalleled glory. Given an exorbitantly high target of 128 to chase, the RCSI team could easily have-like an autumn tree, bare and dejected-given into the mounting pressure.

But the team players maintained their sinew despite the immense potential to succumb, and this soon resulted in the team chasing the target within 7 overs and with no wickets lost-a performance that organisers duly termed as "never-seen-before."

Much to the team's chagrin, Uzair Malik, the vice captain, sprained his ankle, which put the team in an unfavourable stead at the start, but perseverance commanded success and he performed brilliantly throughout the tournament despite his sprained ankle.



On another note, Aathir Ahmed, another pivotal member of the RCSI team, retired not-out in 5 out of the 6 games played and, as a result of his stellar performance, is in contention for the all-star Irish team to travel to Oxford University in June, where he will further his burgeoning talents. Furthermore, it is imperative to highlight that Aarish Khan, the team captain, was able to show his class and under various pressure situations, adapted his game to see the team reach the target.



It was the result of an amalgamation of all these aforementioned points and more that RCSI, for the first time in history, made it to the intervarsity semi-finals. The team manifested a well-rounded performance whereby all the 6 players contributed equally to the 4 wins. That said, however, it was coach Kevin's diligent efforts and advice that bolstered the team spirit and resulted in an unparalleled performance.



Last but not the least, none of this could have been, even in part, possible without RCSI's relentless support. With RCSI's unconditional support, the team proved its merits, and gave every game its 100%. In addition to that, we would also like to take a moment to whole-heartedly thank Student Services for providing breeding grounds for the cricket team's talent, and with this extent of support, we envision the team climbing new heights next year.