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Strategic Academic Recruitment Programme

An exciting opportunity for future leaders in International healthcare research

RCSI has been at the forefront of educating healthcare professionals since 1784. As a health-focused institution, we educate undergraduate Medicine, Pharmacy and Physiotherapy students and postgraduate research students across the spectrum of translational health research topics. We are an independent degree-awarding, not-for-profit organisation, charting a unique course in our quest to improve research, to enhance healthcare training and to yield improvements in patient outcomes.

RCSI's Strategic Academic Recruitment (StAR) Programme is an ambitious initiative which commenced in 2015 to accelerate the delivery of innovative, impactful research in the health sciences across a range of groundbreaking work including the creation of novel medical devices and the development of new therapeutics and new diagnostic tests.

Through the StAR Programme, RCSI invites ambitious, visionary researchers to embark with us on the latest exciting phase in our research mission which will see us recruit 20 new academic posts of Research Lecturer. Backed by significant investment, our ultimate objective is to transfer impactful research discoveries more quickly to clinical practice for the benefit of patients.

Our objective is to recruit outstanding candidates in research areas where RCSI has proven strengths. Recognising the pivotal role of research in extending the frontiers of innovative healthcare, RCSI prioritises the nurturing of research talent through the commitment of a wealth of resources, all focused on a collegial academic and teaching environment that encourages each RCSI researcher to develop and grow.

This latest phase of the StAR Programme embraces that commitment by offering researchers in the relevant subject areas a uniquely supportive and flexible environment, in conjunction with a highly competitive remuneration package.

For additional information see: StAR Programme Recruitment Brochure.

The video below highlights the original vision for the StAR Programme by Professor Ray Stallings, Director of Research and what it's like to work at RCSI from a academic/research perspective.


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