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RCSI MyHealth Lecture Series

The RCSI MyHealth Lecture series is for people who want to learn more about common illnesses and health related topics, and how we can improve our personal health and well-being.

‘Why Does Lung Disease Have Ireland Fighting For Breath?'

An RCSI MyHealth® Free Public Lecture


Watch live here from 6.30pm (Irish time) on Wednesday, 12 April (Click/tap on image below to watch)


Ireland has the highest incidence rates of asthma in the world and lung cancer claims more lives here than any other cancer. An average of one in five people will die of lung disease in Ireland. So why are these rates so high?

At this free public lecture, our healthcare experts will discuss common lung and respiratory diseases and investigate why such conditions are so prevalent in Ireland. Our speakers will also discuss some rare lung conditions, such as Cystic Fibrosis and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, of which Ireland also has the highest incidence rates, and will give out some practical information and advice for people who may suffer from such respiratory issues.

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