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'Leadership: Transforming Professional Values into Practice' masterclass 2017

A nursing masterclass entitled 'Leadership: Transforming Professional Values into Practice' took place in the Albert Lecture Theatre, RCSI on 1 March 2017.

Speakers on the day included Ms Abigail Masterson, Deputy Chief Executive of the Florence Nightingale Foundation, London and Dr Philip Crowley, National, Director Quality Improvement Division HSE, Dr Steeven’s Hospital, Dublin.

Ms Abigail Masterson Deputy Chief Executive, The Florence Nightingale, Foundation, London

'Leading for Tomorrow, Today'

Professional and policy aspirations for future health services internationally focus on safe, high-quality, patient-centered care. Delivering such aspirations requires leadership but traditional ‘heroic’ leadership approaches are unlikely to suffice. In this presentation the skills tomorrow’s healthcare leaders require were identified along with ideas about how best to develop them.

Dr Philip Crowley, National Director Quality Improvement Division HSE, Dr Steeven’s Hospital, Dublin

‘Leadership, Person Centered Care and The Framework for Improving Quality’

Dr Crowley discussed the current context of healthcare delivery, the importance of clinical leadership to bring about effective change and described a systematic approach to improving the quality of healthcare.

Prof. Marie Carney, Dean Emeritus, Faculty of Nursing & Midwifery, RCSI

‘Consensus Management: A Values Approach’

Strategic consensus in healthcare is present when high levels of involvement are combined with commitment to the organisations’ strategy and where strong organisational culture exists. Culture is influenced by personal and professional values that encompass such concepts as accountability and professional standards of care. A Consensus Model is presented.

Ms Juanita Guidera, Lead Staff Engagement, HSE Quality Improvement Division

‘Who cares for the carers? Schwartz Rounds in Ireland’

Schwartz Rounds are a recognised framework to create space for conversations about the emotional impact of caring. The HSE QID in partnership with the Point of Care Foundation has introduced Schwartz Rounds. This work commenced with Our Lady’s Hospice & Care Services (Blackrock) and UHG. The journey to date is presented.

Dr Mark White, Programme Integration Manager, Programme for Health Service Improvement, Office of the Director General of the Health Service, HSE

‘Building a Better Health Service: The Programme for Health Service Improvement’

The health service has an overriding requirement to deliver safe services while addressing risks to service users and to the general population. In order to better achieve this, the Director General has established the Programme for Health Service Improvement (PHSI) to provide the strategic vision and direction, to lead and to support the continued improvement of the health services. This presentation outlines the strategic direction, the range of strategic projects and the progress to date.

Ms Georgina Bassett, National Leadership & Innovation Centre for Nursing and Midwifery NLIC, Office of the Nursing & Midwifery Services Director ONMSD

‘Compassionate Care – ‘We don’t need another hero’

An exploration of a development programme constructed around a model of co-productive leadership vs the more traditional model of single heroic leadership. In a complex, multi-layered system currently focused on integrated care delivery, it is vital that key personnel embrace a meaningful partnership approach with staff, patients, public and external agencies to drive quality, sustainable change and improvement.