Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland Coláiste Ríoga na Máinleá in Éirinn

Human Imaging

The Human Vascular Ultrasound Imaging Facility has considerable experience in cardiovascular medicine, non-invasive large and small vessel imaging, and ultrasound directed therapy - its brief is to provide infrastructures, expertise and training opportunities in these areas.

The facility is fully operational, having recently considerably upgraded its capabilities, with new HDI Phillips iU22 and iE33 high resolution cardiac and vascular ultrasound systems, so as to take advantage of the recent developments in ultrasound technologies. High resolution three and four dimensional ultrasonography, along with tissue doppler and contrast ultrasonography, have the potential to provide considerably increased information concerning large vessel structure, function and disease status.

Exciting emerging technologies include next-generation contrast agents, echogenic microparticles (microballoons, microbubbles and microcapsules) which are targeted to localize to specific cell types or tissues through antibodies or small peptides grafted onto the surface of the microparticle. These devices allow more defined imaging of the target organ (molecular imaging). Furthermore when the microparticles are filled with pharmacological drugs or genes, controlled drug delivery or gene therapy can be achieved through rupture of the microparticles by ultrasound solicitation (ultrasonic therapeutics).

For further information, please contact Prof. Alice Stanton.