Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland Coláiste Ríoga na Máinleá in Éirinn

About us

As health professionals, we now work in a challenging and rapidly changing environment that requires us to display, in addition to our technical/clinical skills, a broad range of leadership, supervisory and management skills.

However, most of us will have received little or no training in our professional careers for these demanding roles. Established in 2005, the RCSI Institute of Leadership provides opportunities for health professionals to develop as leaders capable of displaying a wide range of management and supervisory skills in their clinical or administrative roles. With over 400 students registered  for  postgraduate degrees and an equal number taking our short development  programmes, the Institute is fully integrated into the RCSI. We achieve our mission through a combination of academic rigour, a practical focus on improving healthcare delivery and helping  professionals understand and develop themselves.

Our degree programes are part-time, interprofessional and modular and delivered using a blend of distance and classroom education. We offer a range of accredited postgraduate diploma and masters programmes in leadership, professional development, healthcare management, quality and patient safety.

Our educational philosophy

Our management and leadership programmes are similar to those of the best international business schools but tailored specifically for healthcare. Although grounded in up-to-date academic research, our courses are flexible and practical. Our students learn to analyse complex organisational and managerial problems and deploy a broad range of management tools to identify and assess solutions. We focus strongly on the characteristics and dynamics of multi-professional teams and the variety of disciplines represented on our programmes is a distinct asset in this regard.

Our programmes are grounded on the core principles of modern interactive adult learning. In addition to lectures and tutorials, students participate actively in case studies, group projects, assignments and debates, and we provide a supportive atmosphere that fosters learning from experience, through reflection, dialogue, advocacy and enquiry.

Our programmes are participative and interactive. We help and encourage individuals to develop themselves and their organisations. The programmes are designed around individuals' needs and are underpinned by a coherent set of core principals. We ensure quality by listening to our students, through ongoing research and development and through consultation and interaction with stakeholders in the healthcare system. In addition to classroom teaching, our students are supported by a sophisticated online learning portal that provides a wide range of learning materials including academic papers, weblinks, presentations, podcasts, vodcasts and communications fora.

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