Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland Coláiste Ríoga na Máinleá in Éirinn


The Library’s noise policy is simple: the Library is the College’s study area, students are entitled to a quiet study environment as well as space for peer-to-peer learning and collaborative group work.

1. No noise is permitted within the silent study areas of the Library. 

2. Library and security staff may ask individuals or groups making noise to produce their ID card(s).

3. If you are asked for your ID card you will be reported to the Director Library Services or to the Vice Dean of Student Affairs for appropriate action.

4. Short quiet conversations on stairwells will be permitted as long as they do not create noise. If stairwell noise becomes intrusive, offenders will be asked for ID cards and will be reported to the Director Library Services or the Vice Dean of Student Affairs.

5. Library and security staff may, at their discretion, ask you to be quiet, to move or to move elsewhere. Failure to comply with library and security staff requests will be reported to the Director Library Services or Vice Dean.

Mobile Phones: Switch them off or to silent mode.

Any student who is being disturbed by noise should report, at the time of the disturbance, to either library staff or security staff on duty.

Disciplinary action for library users transgressing these policies 

Library and security staff may ask offending students to produce their ID card. Their name and number will be recorded and forwarded to the Director Library Services. If their name is reported three times they will be requested to meet with the Vice Dean for Student Affairs. Post interview with the Vice Dean if their name is reported again their access to the Library will be suspended. Access will only be restored by appeal to the Vice Dean.