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Clinical/practice audit

Do I need to engage in clinical (practice) audit?

Yes. All registered medical Practitioners must engage in a minimum of one audit exercise annually that relates directly to their practice. It is recommended by the IMC that this activity doctors should represent 12 hours of activity. Supporting tools and guidance are available on the relevant PGTB websites.

What are examples of acceptable clinical (practice) audit?

Clinical (practice) audit is recognised as a quality improvement exercise and a way of assessing what you are doing and what you should be doing. This will involve, but is not limited to, comparing your practice to a guideline and implementing changes to work towards compliance against the guideline standards.

Examples of acceptable clinical (practice) audit include:

  • Measurement of individual compliance with guidelines protocols (one per year)
  • Double reading
  • Simulator training (ACLS, etc.)
  • Skills analysis
  • Department/practice audit
  • Directly observed procedures (DOPS)
  • Individual practice review
  • Evaluation of individual risk incidents/complaints
  • Patient satisfaction
  • Self assessment
  • Peer review
  • Work site visits (occupational medicine)

I am retired, how can I engage in a clinical (practice) audit?

All doctors registered with the Medical Council thus retaining the right to practice medicine have a legal obligation to maintain competence. However, it is acknowledged that for doctors in non-clinical practice fulfilling the internal CPD and audit requirement can be more challenging.

The Forum of Irish Postgraduate Medical Training Bodies has published a guide entitled Professional Competence Schemes for Doctors in Non-Clinical Practice: Internal CPD Credits and Audit, for doctors in non-clinical practice.

This document provides guidance on how retired doctors, doctors engaged solely in academic or research or doctors in posts with professional or voluntary medical organisations can fulfil the clinical (practice) audit requirement. The document can be found on your postgraduate training body website.