Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland Coláiste Ríoga na Máinleá in Éirinn

CPD activities

What kind of activities can be approved for CPD?

Activities should be relevant to the individual practice of the doctor and reflect the domains of practice. It is possible to accrue credits from a diverse range of professional activity.

Postgraduate training bodies (PGTB) are responsible for approving external CPD credits for various professional activities. Please refer to the training body's website to view the relevant guidelines.

It is the doctors' responsibility to access CPD activities relevant to their self-identified professional development needs. PGTBs offer a list of a range of CPD activities to assist doctors in meeting the PCS requirements.

External: (maintenance of knowledge and skills). Requirements: 20 credits per year (minimum)

These will include regional and national scientific meetings, conferences and workshops. Credits from international conferences organised by equivalent bodies in other countries are also accepted.

External credits are also awarded for online courses if there is a formal assessment process.

Event organisers should apply to the relevant training body for approval.

What kind of activities do NOT need to be approved?

Internal: practice evaluation and development. Requirements: 20 credits per year (minimum)

Internal CPD activities may include practice based meetings, multidisciplinary meetings, grand rounds and case conferences.

It is not necessary to apply to a training body for approval of Internal activities. However it is necessary to keep a record of the meeting including at a minimum time, date, attendees and meeting focus.

Personal learning: Requirements: 5 credits per year (minimum)

Time spent in personal learning activities (e.g. reading academic journals and/or relevant reading and study) should be recorded by the doctor including a brief reflective note of the topic and learning outcomes.

It is not necessary to apply to a training body for approval of personal learning activities.

Research or teaching:
Postgraduate teaching, postgraduate examining, research, analysis of learning needs and planning professional development can also generate credits. It is not necessary to apply to a training body for approval of research or teaching activities.