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Population Health Sciences



The Division of Population Health Sciences (PHS) incorporates the Departments of Epidemiology and Public Health, General Practice and Psychology.

It brings together a critical mass of researchers involved in multi-disciplinary research with a common objective of understanding, safeguarding and improving the health of human populations and individuals through education, cooperation and research. 

PHS provides training, mentorships, and education on methods in health services research, social and behavioral health sciences, primary care, public health, epidemiology, and related disciplines to undergraduate, postgraduate and post-doctoral fellows.

PHS conducts research to understand health, diseases and their determinants; tests interventions to improve health; and develops methodological approaches for population health research. PHS has European and International partnerships and collaborations with researchers, clinicians, communities and institutions to improve understanding of health and translate population health research findings into policy and practice.

Research interests within the Department of Epidemiology and Public Health Medicine relate to International and global health, Irish health services and public health. Department staff have pioneered work in the area of cardiovascular disease risk assessment, human resources for health, research networks, sexually transmitted infections and solar irradiation of water. Link to Ongoing Research


Research interests within the Department of General Practice relate to primary and secondary care interface, chronic disease management (cardiovascular disease, diabetes and respiratory illness), patient safety, clinical prediction rules, computerized clinical decision support systems (CDSSs) and Cochrane systematic reviews. Link to Ongoing Research

Research interests within the Department of Psychology include quality of life measurement, ageing, health behaviours, sexual health, depression, health policy and health services research, but also condition-specific interests such as cardiovascular disease. Current projects are outlined below. Link to Ongoing Research


Department of International Health & Tropical Medicine

Research interests within the Department of International Health & Tropical Medicine focus on control and prevention of diseases in resource-poor areas, ranging from molecular and immunological studies, through clinical trials and cohort studies to health systems and anthropological investigations.

Focal areas include development of a vaccine against malaria, analysis of the national malaria surveillance system in the Gambia and a study on health screening of immigrants in Ireland. Link to Top Med own webpage of ongoing projects




HRB Centre for Primary Care Research

The HRB Centre for Primary Care Research is a 5-year a multidisciplinary collaborative programme between the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland, Trinity College Dublin and Queen's University Belfast. The Programme aims to examine the quality of care across the primary/secondary care interface in vulnerable patient groups and to develop information and communication technology (ICT) interventions to improve the care they receive. The programme will also develop an International Register of Clinical Prediction Rules (CPRs) for use in primary care that will be disseminated worldwide as well as channelled through the Cochrane Primary Health Care Field Cochrane Primary Health Care Field.


RCSI project team: Tom Fahey, Susan Smith, Rose Galvin, Kirsty O'Brien, Barbara Clyne, Ronan McDonnell, Atieh Zarabzadeh, Mark Murphy, Patrick Redmond, Paul Dillon, Aisling Quinlan

Administrator: Trish Doherty

Funded by: The Health Research Board