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Research in the School of Pharmacy

Advancing knowledge and education through research and making research a key component of our teaching is central to our activities since the establishment of the RCSI School of Pharmacy in 2002.

Our research mission encompasses three key goals:
1. To undertake research that has impact through scientific, clinical and commercial application and is judged as excellent by international benchmarks.
2. To provide high quality undergraduate, postgraduate and post-doctoral research training.
3. To work in collaboration with healthcare institutions, clinical research centres and pharmaceutical industry both through collaborative and contract research.
The scope of research conducted within the School encompasses the full spectrum of the translation research continuum from drug discovery research through to enabling medical technologies and healthcare products/devices and finally into therapeutics and pharmacy practice and population health. The School of Pharmacy runs a number of very successful research programmes divided now into a number of research pillars as outlined below that are dedicated to promoting knowledge and health through excellence in Systems Biology, Medicinal Chemistry and Chemical Biology, Translational Pharmaceutics and Bioengineering, Clinical Pharmacy and Population Health, and Health Professions Education. Please click on the titles below to learn more about the central areas of research in the School. 
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