Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland Coláiste Ríoga na Máinleá in Éirinn

Pillar 1 - Systems Biology

Using a systems-level approach we can characterise, predict and manipulate state transitions in biological systems. Using this approach we can investigate phenomena across many biological systems, from microorganisms to humans and in doing so we will leverage multidisciplinary expertise, ideas, resources and opportunities to develop a unified systems based research pillar. 

Systems Biology

The key themes and areas of research within this pillar are:

• Bone infection
»» The Bone Infection Research Group focuses on gaining a greater understanding of osteomyelitis and chronic bone infection using 2D and 3D models of infection to support novel mechanisms for the treatment of recurrent infection in the skeletal system using nanotechnologies.

• Cardiovascular infection
»» The Cardiovascular Infection Group focuses on the cardiovascular response to infection (sepsis, infective endocarditis) primarily focusing on thrombus formation and vascular endothelial cell (brain microvascular, arterial and venous) dysregulation using clinically relevant models of infection. The group also focuses on novel mechanisms for the treatment of recurrent infection in various biological systems including; skeletal system, vascular system, respiratory system and urinary system among others.

• Neuropsychopharmacology
»» The Neuropsychopharmacology Research Group focuses on neurological disease and synaptic plasticity with a particular focus on animal models of neurodegeneration, stress and depression.

Principal investigators:

Dr Steve Kerrigan 

Dr Brian Kirby 

Dr Ben Ryan