Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland Coláiste Ríoga na Máinleá in Éirinn

Pillar 2 - Medicinal Chemistry & Chemical Biology

The Department of Pharmaceutical & Medicinal Chemistry has a range of active research programs in organic synthesis and methodology underpinning drug discovery, peptide-based antibiotic and anticancer agents, nanomedicines and drug delivery systems, synthesis and pharmacological evaluation of metal-based anti-cancer agents, new inhibitors of cyclooxygenase, as anti-inflammatory agents, drugs from natural sources, computer-aided drug design targeting cardiovascular diseases (thrombosis, hypertension), infectious diseases (malaria, MRSA, HIV), neurodegenerative diseases and cancer (bone metastasis, skin cancer).

Medicinal and Pharmaceutical Chemistry

The key themes and areas of research within this pillar are:

• Metallodrug design and action – generating new drugs for the treatment of cancer
• Using miRNA as templates for therapeutic (or diagnostic) intervention
• Rational design and synthesis of bio-functional polymers
• Near-infrared fluorescence imaging - real-time imaging for fluorescence guided surgery
• Flow micro-reactors – pharmaceutical synthesis in micro-chips
• Photodynamic therapy – light activated anti-cancer drugs
• Organometallic and organocatalytic synthetic methods
• Synthesis of novel polymer and lipid constructs
• Synthesis of novel anti-tubulin anti-malarial compounds
• Herbal medicines and the regulation of herbal medicinal products
• Automated solid phase peptide synthesis

»» for the generation of nanomedicines
»» for the functionalisation of biomaterials
»» as targeting agents for selective drug delivery
»» as investigational tools for life science research 

Principal investigators:

Prof Donal F O'Shea

Prof Mauro Adamo 

Dr James Barlow

Dr Marc Devocelle 

Prof Celine Marmion 

Dr Darren Griffith

Prof Andreas Heise