Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland Coláiste Ríoga na Máinleá in Éirinn

Pillar 4 - Clinical Pharmacy & Population Health

The School of Pharmacy has expertise in pharmacoepidemiological studies, complex intervention development, the design and conduct of randomised controlled trials, conducting systematic reviews and meta-analyses, and qualitative research. The School is involved in a range of collaborative research activities focusing on medicines use, medicines management and safety in vulnerable population groups, including pregnant women, older people, children, people with addiction (alcohol and drug dependency), and in mental health. Population health is a key focus of the research strands of the School of Pharmacy. In addition, the pillar encompasses research studies on clinical and economic outcomes in clinical practice across the secondary and primary care interfaces.

Clinical Health

The key themes and areas of research within this pillar are:

• Older adults
»» Risk of alcohol and drug interactions
»» Pharmacotherapeutic management of chronic non-malignant pain
»» Potentially inappropriate prescribing and dispensing
»» Medicines use reviews
»» Medication adherence

• Addictions
»» Methadone maintenance treatment
»» Methadone in pregnancy
»» Pharmacological alcohol detoxification

• Mental health
»» Pharmacotherapy of schizophrenia
»» Medication use in child psychiatry
»» Smoking cessation

• Maternal and newborn care
»» Electronic venous thromboembolism risk assessment in maternal care
»» Impact of clinical pharmacy services in a neonatal intensive care unit
»» Assessment of interventions to improve neonatal medication safety
»» Uptake and determinants of immunisation during pregnancy
»» Impact of electronic health records and e-prescribing on maternal and newborn outcomes
»» Use of communication tools for counselling women on the safety of medications in pregnancy
»» Pharmacoepidemiological studies of the safety of medications in pregnancy

• Paediatric critical care
»» Use of alpha-two agonists for sedation
»» Use of anticoagulants in children
»» Effect of technology on medication safety
»» Impact of electronic prescribing and smart pump technology on error rates

• Patient outcomes and pharmacoeconomic research
»» Monitoring outcomes in the postreimbursement phase of drug technologies
»» Costing studies for models of care in secondary care settings
»» Co-management models of care between primary and secondary care for vulnerable patient groups
»» Patient experiences of health and illness

• Pharmacy policy
»» Pharmacy governance

Principal investigators:

Prof Paul Gallagher 

Dr Grainne Cousins

Dr Cathal Cadogan 

Prof Brian Cleary

Dr Shane Cullinan 

Ms Michelle Flood 

Mr John Hayden 

Mr Matthew Lynch 

Dr Aisling O'Leary 

Dr Cristín Ryan  

Dr Judith Strawbridge