Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland Coláiste Ríoga na Máinleá in Éirinn

FUNDED: PhD scholarship in healthcare education

Models of interpersonal relationships in the context of social diversity: health-care educational tools for more effective healthcare practice

This is a proposal for a graduate researcher and doctoral degree candidate who will be nested with others across academic departments in a programme of work on the topic of International Curriculum Development in RCSI. This work will begin by performing a review of social theories about relationships in the context of human diversity that are relevant to the education of health care workers. Three interpersonal relationships will be considered. The first is the conceptualisations and models of relationships between teaching faculty and our students. The second is about the same issues in relationships between our students and their current and future diverse patients or clients. And the third is about the same issues in the relationships between our students and the other diverse members of the care-teams, present and future. Developing on some interviews and focus group work that has already been completed, the researcher will test the applicability of the models and theories in RCSI health-education settings in Ireland, Bahrain and Malaysia. In particular, the researcher, in year 2, will assess existing educational tools or develop new ones to shape the learning environments for students in RCSI, and explore ways to measure their impact. The aim is to improve RCSI educational offering to health-care students across the world to work well in very diverse multi-cultural relationships with team members and patients. Themes of power, language-skills, human intimacy and coping with suffering may arise.

Mentors Samuel J. McConkey | | +353 1 402 2186 (secretary)